I am a veteran working actor and model in film, commercials, print and music videos. Have shot campaigns for major brands such as Nike, Microsoft, Adidas, Toyota and Disney to name a few. Wrapped a feature film recently and heading into my next feature as the lead hero. With many other projects on the horizon and in negotiation.
My entertainment career can be traced all the way back to Washington State. As an only child with a vivid imagination at the age of 3 years old I began acting out, on my own, all the things I would view in films and on TV, with Ghostbusters being my favorite to recreate using couch cushions and imaginary ghosts. This led to producing numerous short films and videos for class projects in high school and college. I feel as though film is the best medium to capture audiences attention and get convey messages to viewers.
At one time I was a division 1 college football player and for a short time played at the professional level. This ability transitioned perfectly over to martial arts, where I study MMA, Kung Fu, Sanda and BJJ, as well as Traditional Chinese weapons.
Everyone in life has a dream and a passion for something. That’s what makes my life so exciting. The fact I get to live my passion. I love the entertainment business. My purpose is to be the physical manifestation that anything is possible for the benefit and entertainment of mankind. I want people from around the globe to be able to look up and see themselves on the screen and believe that they too can accomplish anything they set their minds too. This is bigger then me now. Its for everyone! I deeply appreciate all the support and I’m humbled by my family, friends and fans. It is an honor. Thank you!